Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Scandal!

With all this talk about American Idol being rigged to make David Cook win, I think we've lost sight of the real scandal: Jason Castro is a muppet.

Am I the only one who's noticed? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. See comparison of Jason Castro with Janice the Muppet (from Electric Mayhem -- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww yeah):

Isn't there some rule about professional musicians competing in American Idol? I think this needs to be investigated a little further.

At very least, we can be glad this freak didn't win. I mean, dreadlocks on a white guy? C'mon...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Introducing the iBeg

While we were riding on TRAX one day, we noticed a brand-name marked on the bottom of the seats. It said "IBEG". The internet told us that IBEG is a German "transportation technology" company. Obviously they must have contributed to the construction of the TRAX system in Salt Lake City.

Anyway, when we first saw the word "IBEG", we thought... "hmmm... IBEG... kind of sounds like an iPod for the homeless". We both agreed it was a great marketing opportunity. So, Eli went right to work on creating the first iBeg prototype as seen in figure 1. Notice the classic iPod color white with the seamless headphone jack on the side of the Styrofoam cup.

Now to take the iBeg out for a test run. We got off the usual FrontRunner stop in Salt Lake and found the first candidate we could for our focus test. We gave the dude (Willy) our first and only iBeg prototype. After he settled into his usual comfortable spot we snapped a picture and let him use it for the day.

On the way home, it wasn't hard to find the guy. He told us that he really didn't make any money that day because everyone thought that homeless people shouldn't be listening to an expensive iPod and have the nerve to beg for money. He did like the music that we put on it. Keith gave him five bucks and snatched the iBeg out of his hands.

When we were getting on the train, we thought "well if they can't get as much money using the iBeg, nobody in our target audience will want one." Since we wouldn't be able to sell them, we went back and gave the prototype to Willy.

Recently we heard that a transient in Salt Lake was electrocuted while drinking liquor from a styrofoam cup (the iBeg is NOT for liquids). Well, live and learn.